Sunday, April 26, 2020

I realized something today

On 'virtual church' today, Bryan Spinks preached and I realized how much I missed hearing other peoples' sermons. I really hadn't realized it until today.

I was at St. John's in Waterbury for 21 years. I always had an assistant and at least one seminarian and they all, of course, wanted to preach. So I heard a dozen or more sermons in the 48 Sundays each year (I always took a month off for vacation and didn't go to church!)

But since I retired, almost 8 years ago, I preach every Sunday a bishop isn't visiting--which is only every 3 years or so.

Hearing Brian made me remember I enjoy other people's take on 'the word'.

And I never second-guess them or think "I would have done this differently"--I just listen and take in their wisdom.

That's a good realization I think.

I really do.

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