Thursday, April 30, 2020

Bern makes banana bread--the president makes no sense

Bern makes banana bread. As soon as a loaf is gone, she makes another.

It is really good. It has nuts and chocolate bits and pear in it.

I've not looked at the recipe, but she makes it in the clean glass loaf pan the last one came in.

I'm interested to see if and when she stops. She is a serial eater. She eats something every day for weeks and then stops.

This banana bread has gone on for several months--longer than most things.

We'll see.

The President, on the other hand, makes no sense.

He and henchman Jared continue to tell us what a 'great job' they've done as over a million are sick and 60,000 are dead.

He continues to push 're-opening' the country while every public health expert says 'slow down, not so fast."

Plus, he said today that he has 'evidence' that C-19 came from a Chinese lab! But he can't 'share the details'!!!!

He says Biden needs to address the sexual harassment charges against him. Does he forget who he is--the guy who paid off porn stars and mistresses right and left?

Bern's banana bread is infinitely better that what the President makes: 'no sense'.

How many lies can one man tell?

Hard to say....

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