Saturday, April 25, 2020

Missed two days

I haven't written for two days. Not because I haven't anything to say, just because I haven't.

I really hope you aren't taking Clorox to kill the virus as President who will not be named suggested.

His lies have been constant, but the lies are beginning to matter now because if people believe them, they could kill themselves. The Maryland Department of Health had over a hundred calls to ask if disinfectant could be injested!

(My spell check didn't like 'clorox' or 'injested'.  I just don't get spell check....)

Tomorrow is the 6th Sunday of 'no church'. We'll do it on zoom and face book live. I asked Brian, the other priest and a professor at Yale Divinity School, if he'd like to preach before I read the Gospel. It's Luke 24.13-35--the road to Emmaus story--my favorite story in the Gospels. But I already gave it away! Woe is me!

Bern is downstairs below my little office on a Zoom call with her women's group that normally meets once a week but is zooming more often. Bern's been in the group for 30 years. There are only 6 of them, never more, and I know them all. I can recognize their voices but not quite hear what they are saying. Which is good, since no men are allowed!

It was one of the few lovely days of April this year. Which was good because Jesse and his crew dug up part of our yard to fix a break in the sewer pipe for our house and Mark and Naomi's house.

These two houses were built by the same Congregational minister in 1850 and 1860 so lots of things, like water and sewer, are shared.

We haven't had any problem since about a month ago, that Jesse fixed, but Mark and Naomi have.

What Jesse dug up was a spot where Bern wanted new plants, so it all worked out.

If you live near Cheshire and ever need any pipe work done, email me for Jesse's contact stuff.

He's great.

Be well and stay well.

Wash your hands.

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