Tuesday, April 28, 2020

OK, I beat up on the President

Today I want to beat up on the Vice-President.

Mike Pence went to the Mayo Clinic today (THE MAYO F-ing CLINIC!!!) and ignored their rule that everybody (I mean EVERYBODY!!) must wear a mask.

Everybody, I guess, except the Vice President.

His explanation was he is tested regularly and is always negative.

That's not the point.

He was in parts of the hospital with C-19 virus and he didn't have on a mask! The patients did, and every medical staff person and everybody in the whole hospital besides him.

He was risking 'getting infected' by not wearing a mask.

And he was being an A-hole.

I guess he was showing off for his boss, who said, after saying everyone should wear a mask, he wouldn't.

Risking getting the virus to mimic his boss.


And why are all those demonstrators against the 'stay at home' orders in several states not wearing masks (most of them)? Because their President and Vice-President lead by example....

As the President says. "Sad...."

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