Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Somethiing I've noticed

The pandemic is much, much worse for many, many people than for me. I'm not in health care or police and fire or grocery workers. They put their life in danger every day. I don't.

And I don't yet know anyone with the virus or who has died though one out of 330 people in the US have it and between 5 and 6 percent of them have died. A tragic loss of life I could without fear of contradiction blame on our President.

Today a Connecticut Public Radio host, Colin McEnroe, played an old show from three years ago where he and various experts and news people discussed how the current administration were dismantling the pandemic preparedness of the country. Three years ago, we should have known we weren't going to be ready for C-19.

(In fact, those last two paragraphs illustrate something I've noticed--I'm very scatter-brained these days. And rather than get on with telling you that, I do statistics and CPR.)

I had to remind myself three or four times to take out the trash because tomorrow is trash and recycle day in Cheshire. I even got the bags out to replace the full ones and came downstairs an hour later and noticed them--and that I had forgotten to do it when I took them out!

Also, I'll go on line to watch the news and end up playing Hearts instead.

Or, I'll go on line to read my emails and end up watching news videos instead.

Or, I'll go on line to write this post and end up watching Youtube instead.


Can't do three things in the logical succession.

Now, before you tell me, "Jim, you're always like that!" Let me tell you I know. But my natural disconnected state has increased during this crisis.

I'm not anxious or worried (which is normal for me) but my tendency (which I admit) to not do things in the right order has increased 4 fold.

Like just after I typed "4 fold", I stopped typing to wonder if there was something else I should be doing instead of this!


That's my only symptom of 'cabin fever', as He Who Will Not Be Named has called the results of the isolation of staying where you are.

I'm lucky.

But scatter-brained....

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