Thursday, April 16, 2020

phone call

I am part of a group of people who enroll people and lead the "Making A Difference Workshop".

It's for people in ministry--lay and ordained, of all faiths.

We had a workshop scheduled in mid-May at Holy Cross Monastery, an Episcopal monastery, in West Park, NY,. on the Hudson (beautiful place!) but that's not going to happen. We connect by phone on 'free conference call' every two weeks and then every week as we get closer to the workshop. Eight people on the line from all over the east coast and beyond.

We talked today about possibly September for the workshop but decided 'no'.

But what was great was the connection question. We start each call and each in person meeting with a 'connection question' to get us all in the same place before we start.

Today's question call from Pittsburgh: "what quality have you discovered about yourself in these difficult times that gives you and others strength?"

What I realized is that I discovered my being an 'only child' has helped me through this crisis.

Only children know how to entertain themselves. W don't need other people around.

I've never been 'bored'. When people say they are 'bored', I'm not sure what they mean or what it might feel like.

So, I haven't fretted about all this the way many have. I entertain myself. I don't get bored.

And that helps others, I think. They see my calm and self-satisfaction in my words and thoughts and way of being and it helps them cope: on line, on the phone, across the back yard fence.

Many times in my life, I've regretted being an 'only child' (until I speak with someone about their siblings!!!) but in these times I don't.

I'm fine, mentally and emotionally. I'm not lonely. I'm not bored.

I'm an aging 'only child'.

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