Monday, July 5, 2021


 I eat blueberries almost every day. They are my favorite frui

But the heat in the west have ruined most of the blueberry crop.

What will I do?

I'm going to the store tomorrow and buying all the frozen blueberries there are.

Maybe that will do me.

Maybe not.

Given what's going on out there in the west, how can anyone not believe in climate change?

Given the Covid variant causing damage in under-vaccinated states, how can anyone refuse to get the shots?

Given the violence of police against people of color, how can anyone not believe in police reform?

Given the disparity of income among people of color and white people, how can anyone not believe in systemic racism?

With 400 people shot over the 4th of July weekend (of all times!) how can anyone not believe in gun control laws?

Given the facts and courts that all disprove "The Big Lie" about the election, how can anyone still support the former president's claims?

I don't know exactly how to ponder all that.

But I'll try to ponder it, even if it makes me a little crazy.

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