Thursday, July 22, 2021

Take a deep breath

 It has been a rough 18 months.

Covid is not over and won't be until 80% or so are vaccinated.

But we are in a lull. 

Lulls are good.

It gives us a chance to take a deep breath and, recognizing all we have missed out on, realize we have things we can do now.

All our friends and children and grand-children (except Eleanor who is five) have been vaccinated.

We are able to be together outside and inside if necessary and celebrate being together.

If you have any friends who are not vaccinated, hold a gun to their head and make the get the shots.

But things are better than they were.

We're using a common cup for communion at Trinity, Milton for all who are vaccinated.

Some things are back to normal.

NOT ALL, remember that, but 'some'.

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