Tuesday, July 20, 2021

I went to Milton today

I went to Milton today and met with a couple of parishioners.

Next week, and every week after that, I'll go on Wednesday to lead a Bible study group over brought from home lunch and talk with people afterwards.

I'm going to do a study called "Reading the Gospels Side-by-side", which I've done at OLLI at U. Conn./Waterbury several times.

It is challenging since it brings into question what people 'think' about the gospels.

I look forward to it.

They, as far as I've been able to tell, will be up for it.

We'll see.

There is smoke high up in the air from the forest fires on the West Coast. We really are all in the same world.

I'm beginning to look forward to vacation in late August.

I don't look forward to the drive, though we did it many times when we were younger.

But the time on the beach on Oak Island is worth that.

We are going to have serious work done on our house this summer and fall--the foundation needs work, Bern wants two bathrooms gutted, the upstairs and dining room painted, the carpet upstairs pulled up and Lord knows what done and a new deck.

Luckily we have wonderful credit and can get a loan and have a healthy savings account to dip into.

I'm hoping the carpet and painting can be done while we're in North Carolina because that would be a real disruption.

We'll see.

Bern and I aren't on the same page about some of it--but most of it.


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