Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Delta Variant

The Delta Variant is driving up Covid cases in many states.

Understand this--99.6% of the people in the US who died from Covid last week were un-vaccinated!

All the Anti-Vaccine people need to realize that in many cases their 'freedom' not to take the vaccine will be a death sentence!

I wonder how many of the Anti-Vaccine folks on Fox News have been vaccinated. A goodly number of them, I would guess. They are leading people down a perilous path. The deaths are on their heads.

I'm just sick and tired of those who are against the vaccine. They're not going to harm me, but they will harm those they love who are also without the vaccine.

I found out today that the % of people in each state who are fully vaccinated is almost exactly the % of people who voted for Biden

The opposite is true. The % of people in each state who are not fully vaccinated is almost the same as the % of people who voted for Trump.


But not really.

Those who shout 'Give me Liberty or Give me Death!" about the vaccine, may just get both.

Alas and alack for our oh-so divided nation.

The only Lie bigger than 'Trump won' is 'you don't need the vaccine.'


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