Thursday, July 15, 2021

Well, let's take a minute

 Let's take a minute to see where we are--as individuals and as a nation and as the world.

CT is one of the most vaccinated states. I feel safe, though I still wear a mask in public places.

The rest of the country and the world are not so lucky.

This Virus is not gone, beloved!

Remember that.

Lots of sickness and death to come.

When it first started, the whole Covid-19 thing, I thought to myself, "maybe this will erase the human race from the earth".

Then things started to loosen up and I thought, "Maybe we're through it."

But now, with vaccine rates so down in Red states, I'm not sure what I think.

It has been the weirdest year and a half of my long life.

And it's not over.

Bern googled to find out vaccination rates in North Carolina, where we're going in August.

They are good--but Gov. Roy Cooper is a Democrat--so no surprise there!

How this pandemic has been politicized is the worse thing about it.

All Americans should be making sure all Americans are safe from the virus. But we aren't. And it's political.


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