Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Dr. Ryan

 I had my every 6 month eye exam today from Dr. Ryan.

Bern and I go all the way to Ansonia to get our exams because we like him so much.

I have the beginning of macular degeneration, but it hasn't gotten any worse in the past six months.

He said it could come next year or in 20 years. Not very specific that!

He also said I can probably keep my current glasses for the rest of my life. My left eye is 20/30 and my right 20/40 but my glasses give me pretty much 20/20 vision.

He talks a lot. I was with him, doing this and that (most of which blinded me!) for half-an-hour or more.

He tells me more than I can remember or need to know.

But he is wondrous.

I hope he doesn't retire like my primary care doctor did.

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