Monday, July 19, 2021

Guess what I got?

There was a great couple who lived down the street and to the left of St. Paul's in New Haven.

They both worked at Yale and had a 5 year old son who had never been baptized.

They came to church--both birth Episcopalians--from time to time and I liked them a lot.

Then their parents were coming to visit and wondering why the little one hadn't been baptized. So they came to me and I talked to him for over half-an-hour and decided we could do it.

Both their parents were there for the service.

I baptized the boy and then he came to communion for the first time.

When  he started back to his seat he stopped people coming up and said, very loudly, "Guess what I got? I got the Body of Christ!"

After half-a-dozen remarks like that, one of his grandparents tried to hush him.

I stopped everything and said, "No, don't stop him. We should all go back to our seats telling people we got the Body of Christ."

For a couple of months I heard people whisper to each other on their way back from communion, "Guess what I got?"

I loved that.

We should all do it all the time.

Getting the Body of Christ is worth sharing with other....



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