Sunday, July 18, 2021

Long day

Sunday is a long day for me.

Most days I don't get up until 9.

Sundays I have to be at Trinity, Milton, 35 or so minutes away by 9:30. So I set the alarm on my phone.

Tomorrow I have to get up early to go get a blood test.

Tuesday I have my zoom group at 9:45 and then I go to Milton to talk with whoever shows up--a couple of people said they would.

Wednesday, thankfully I can sleep in!

I can't remember when I started sleeping so late--but I'm glad I do. Many people my age have trouble sleeping, but not me.

And I have wondrous--if confusing--dreams, usually after I get up at 6:30 or so. At least that shows my age.

I haven't worked 10 hours a week for over a year. I was sending half my pay back during the pandemic.

So, I have to get used to two days a week of actually 'doing something'.

I hope I will.

I love that little church in Milton--though I wish there was more diversity there.

The three churches I served full-time weren't like that. St. James in Charleston, WV, was a black church. St. Paul's in New Haven had about 1/3 blacks. St. John's in Waterbury had a huge West Indian membership and so many Hispanics we had a Spanish priest to do their service.

Milton is, how can I say it?  White as white can be.

But I love them already though I'm not a month into being their priest.

When I took my 7 year job at the Middlesex Area Cluster Ministry--three little churches--the bishop asked me how it was.

"Bishop," I told him, "I'm not used to being around so many white people."

Each church had one Black person--but two of them were the church musicians!

I thank God every day that I had the experience of inter-racial worship.



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