Thursday, July 8, 2021


 Connecticut is not in the west or mid-west, where heat is battering them over and over. And it's not in the south, where the tropical storm is making it's way from Florida to Maryland.

Connecticut is in New England, where, I think, is the best place to live.

The temperature today didn't get over 70 and it rained and thundered for most of the day.

We've had lots of rain this week and I looked at the Weather Channel and we will have some rain for the next 10 days--each day!

Great for the plants and keeping the July temperature down.

Great for birds, who eat the worms who come up when it rains.

Great in lots of ways.

I'll almost never say, 'rain, rain, go away....'

I like the rain.

It suits my personality.

We have four umbrellas for two people.

Not bad.

Sorry for you if you don't live in Connecticut.

Things usually go right here....


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