Sunday, July 25, 2021


 Went to my first Vestry meeting at Trinity, Milton.

Talkative group. I like that.

My agreement says I will lead Vestry meetings. I haven't done that for years and won't do it there. I like to listen and watch.

It's a great group of people there. Very committed, very dedicated.

I enjoy them a lot.

I'm still struggling to learn names, but the vestry decided today that everyone should wear name tags, even visitors.

That's good for me.

I begin a Bible study on Wednesday.

I hope it will be challenging for people.

It's 'Reading the Gospels side-by-side" and brings into question what people think about the Gospels.

Looking forward to it mightily.

Good day at Trinity, but 3 1/2 hours is about all I can do to talk to people.

Since the pandemic it's just been me and Bern, and though our conversations are rich, they are rare.

I'm talked out and ready for sleep.

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