Friday, July 23, 2021

Bridget to the Vet

Not a good day for our dog, Bridget.

She went to the Vet.

Dr. Matz is a great Vet. She is gentle and kind and wonderful.

But Bridget was having none of it.

The assistant who weighed her and took her temp gave her lots of treats she wouldn't eat until the assistant left the room! Then she ate them.

Dr. Matz is very thorough, so she is seldom punctual.

We waited in an exam room for half-an-hour for her.

Bridget would whine and move around.

And eat left over treats.

She got three shots and they took blood.

When they raised the exam table, Bridget laid down on it and the assistant had to hold all her 62 pounds up so the Vet could examine her.

She was glad to get out of there, but held it against us for an hour or so.

But bites of our dinner seemed to make all things right again!


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