Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A couple of things about my new computer

OK, the games. I had Hearts on my old computer and I won about 51% of the time--which is crazy enough. But Hearts on my new computer, I'm winning 66% of the time! Ridiculous.

The computer players obviously don't know anything about hearts. They don't try to smoke out the Queen of Spades. In fact, I hold onto the Queen even if I only have a couple of Spades since I know they'll play diamonds and clubs and I can drop the Queen on the. Also, if they're the 4th to play and the high card is a seven, they'll take it with an eight and then lead the Queen of the same suite. Any Hearts player knows if you can take a non-hearts hand you throw your highest card. And they sometimes throw the Queen of Spades when they have other spades to play--just take 13 points for no reason and then lead a 4 of diamonds or something. Really awful. I'm planning on downloading the Hearts I had on the old computer. I love to win--but not 67% of the time.

Also, I click almost anything and a whole bunch of options show up in a box. I click to get rid of the box and they just move. Annoying at best.

When I'm deleting emails from people in Nigeria or some diet plan I don't want, I can only delete one at a time because when I click on the second, a box pops up with options I don't want and erases the check in the box of the junk email before.

Maybe I'll figure it out some day. But right now, it's just uber-annoying....

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