Thursday, December 24, 2015

Chistmas dinner on the grill

Hey, I'm not complaining, I love the warm weather, but I'll be grilling the steaks for Christmas dinner out on the deck!!! Never done that before. Ever.

I always write something for Bern for Christmas and have a two year ban on sharing it. So, you'll get to see it in 2017. And I already posted a blog about how she got it early because I'm a dope.

Turns out, she was glad to get it early because she always feels pressure to read it and Christmas day is not a good time to slip away and read. So, my being a dope worked.

I opened my gift tonight--she always makes me something.

So, she made me a hat--but not just any hat: a Puli hat.

The hat looks just like our Puli dog Bela and I love it!!!

She wrapped it in a box that had my name and address on it and I thought--she didn't 'make' me something this year. And when I saw it, I was sure she'd found a Puli Hat on line and ordered it--that's how well made it is!

It is remarkable. I'll be wearing it when it gets a tad colder and try to find a way to put a picture of it on my blog (which is doubtful since I'm such an anti-nerd). She had to convince me she sewed it and the label she put it in finally let me believe her.

A Puli Hat, for goodness sake! Amazing!

Be well and stay well, my friends. And Merry, Blessed, Peaceful Christmas to you all.

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