Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The sixth day of Christmas (really, this time)

Yesterday's post was a day off--me and linear time again. So, this is the sixth day of Christmas.

My daughter, Mimi, is pregnant--two months so, she already heard a heart beat at a doctor in Chinatown whose English wasn't good. She has an appointment for Jan 4 with the gynecologist that will be with her all the way.

What a shock! I'd already decided Tim and Mimi wouldn't have children. But now they just might.

What a wonder and a joy.

It's early yet, so I'm not making plans for a 4th grandchild--but I would be joyful if it happens.

Tim and Mimi would be great parents.

Keep them in your hearts and pray (if you do that) for them.

Any child from that union would be wondrous.

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