Friday, December 18, 2015

Cabbage rolls

Bern makes cabbage rolls every month or so.

Her mother--Emma Baccho Pisano--was Hungarian, so Bern comes by it honestly. Emma's cabbage rolls won me over back when I was much younger and Bern and I were dating.

First you have to blanch the cabbage, so the leaves are supple. Then you line them with sausage and ground beef--and I think Bern also does ground turkey (being health conscious and all--though I've never asked--and rice. Then she cooks them with tomatoes from a can for half-a-day or so.

And they are amazing! So good, though I have to add salt, given Bern's heart healthy ways.

But amazing.

If we hadn't already been married 45 years, her cabbage rolls would make me want to marry her. That and her beauty and wonder and sensibility and great good humor. And the little dances she does.

She has a cabbage roll dance that I love.

Just as I love her cabbage rolls....And her....

There are some frozen for Mimi when she comes on Monday for Christmas with us before flying to for Christmas with Tim's parents. Mimi and Josh love the cabbage rolls as well....

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