Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The eve of The Eve

Bern and Mimi and I went to see the new Star Wars movie this afternoon.

I haven't seen a couple of the sequels, but I know this: on the ones I've seen this one most closely recreates the original.

Hans Solo and Chewy are there, as is Princess (now 'General') Leia. And Luke Skywalker is in the last, super-dramatic scene. Another movie is surely in the offering.

But the two main characters are Rey and Finn--she a girl who was a scavenger on a desert planet and he a storm trooper who defects. They are terrific.

Hans Solo's and Leia's son is the new incarnation of Darth Vader and truly evil, though he seems conflicted when he meets up with Hans.

What makes Rey special (as Bern pointed out) is that she is a female character who is a hero in a big way but without reserve or explanation. She is the star of the movie and wonderfully and understatedly acted.

It's a winner--lots of special effects and battles and noise.

See it.

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