Sunday, December 27, 2015

The third day of Christmas

What is it three French hens?

One of the things that makes me glad I am an Episcopalian (as hum-drum as being that is) is that we really realize Christmas is a 'season' and not a day.

There are twelve days to the Christmas season and then comes Epiphany.

One of the things I talk about in my class "Reading the Gospels side by side" is how there are two Christmas stories we conflate into one. Luke is Mary's story: Gabriel and Elizabeth and the shepherds and angels and stable and all.

Matthew's story is Joseph's story: dream to marry Mary even though she's pregnant, the Magi, dream to go to Egypt, dream to come back.

Epiphany is the coming of the Magi. And if we can be certain about the timing, they saw the star on Christmas night and it took them two years to find the baby. So, the wise men aren't at the creche as we always show them.

When I was Rector of St. John's, we'd put the Magi in the window farthest from the creche on Christmas Eve and move them from window to window until the feast of the Epiphany on January 6.

That still didn't make sense, since they didn't come to the creche but to the home of Mary and Joseph--but, heck, it's the season of Christmas, why be pedantic?

But I have the addresses of some of my first cousins and I'm sending them Christmas cards in the next day or so (since it's still Christmas) with letters. Seeing 6 of them at my Aunt Elsie's funeral--and my son, Josh's, retort that I should 'keep up with family'--made me do it.

Mejol and I are fine. I'd like to reach out to some of the others as well.

Since it's still Christmas and will be for 9 more days.

God, being an Anglican is the best!!!

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