Saturday, December 19, 2015

Under a week

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday since both our kids and families come to us.

Easter is probably my second favorite I just said, we get Tim and Mimi and Josh and Cathy and the girls.

Christmas--not so much family. Josh and Cathy always travel with the Chen family to Asia for Christmas. They're all in Japan right now. And Tim usually goes a few days earlier than Mimi to Florida to see his parents. Mimi comes to us but flies out on Christmas evening. She'll be here Monday so we get her for a few days.

All that said, Christmas is under a week away. The Winter Solstice is in a couple of days.

It seems like all this happened a lot faster than usual.

I'm doing Advent and Christmas at St. Andrew's, which has the latest Xmas Eve Service (by the way, the X in Xmas is for Xpistos...Greek for Christ. So ignore those who want to but "Christ back in Christmas"...X IS Christ....)

Then I'll go late to John Anderson's Christmas Eve party and meet up with Mimi and Bern.

Then John will come to Xmas dinner...or Xmas lunch, depending on Mimi's flight.

Very low key and lovely. Christmas is like that for us now...low key and lovely.

There's a lot to be said for that. A lot.

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