Sunday, December 20, 2015

Afraid of the Dark

We all are, in some way, aren't we--afraid of the dark, I mean?

And the next too days are the darkest day's of the year.

We have two clocks in our bedroom that give off a little light. That works for me.

But walking my dog--even at 5 pm these days--brings a tad of anxiety. It is so dark by then that I'm looking at shadows as if they are threatening me in some way.

The Winter Solstice may be my favorite day of the year--because I know from then  for many months, there will be a little more light each day--a few seconds early for sunrise and a few seconds later for sunset. The Light will come more and more.

Conversely, the Summer Solstice may be the day of the year I hate most. Thought light will stay for months after that, every sunset is a few seconds sooner and ever sunrise a few seconds later. The Darkness gathers and gathers, until right now, nearing Christmas, until Darkness reigns supreme.

Leave a light on tonight. It's serious Dark these days.

But know this, the Light is about to come--little by little, to reclaim the days and we go forward.

You need not fear always.....

The light begins, very soon, to come back.

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