Thursday, December 17, 2015

OK, I'm trying to be calmer...

OK, let me start again. I just typed three lines, which took me a while because every time I click, like to start writing, I get a box with lots of options, none of which is 'close' and I have to try to get around it because I can't start typing while it's there.

I explained all that and then wrote that there is an HP Warranty Status box open on the right side of my screen which has (guess what?) no 'close option telling me my warranty expires a year from now. I misspelled 'warranty' the first time I typed this and when I tried to correct it everything on the screen where I'm typing now went away--just like last night when I wrote a lovely piece about still grilling in mid-December and lost it and ended up using *** to cover inappropriate language about this ***** computer.

Well, I did just figure out how to close the Warranty Status box--though I mis-typed warranty and was afraid I'd lose all this.

My problems with this new computer rival my dog's problems with rain.

Bela hates the rain. Luckily for us, he has super dog powers to hold back his poop and pee. Bern said the other day, "Bela would die before he went to the bathroom inside". Which may be true. Unlike Luke, our cat, who often poops on the floor even though his litter box is clean. He's 14 or so and I give him a break. Luke had a hard time recently and we thought he was dying. But he didn't. Bern said, "I liked him better when he was dying". That was honest but harsh.

Anyway, our dog hates the rain. He likes snow but hates rain.

And here's the thing--he's a Hungarian sheepdog...a Puli--who, if he was doing what he should be doing he'd be out in all weather taking care of the sheep in Hungary.

I told him that tonight when I went out on the porch to smoke and he had to come but leaned against the door the whole time.

Here's what I said (so, I talk to my dog, what of it?) "if you were back home in Hungary, you'd be out in the rain with the sheep. You'd be a wimp of the first degree to all the other Puli's."

As Bela is to rain am I to this computer. I just don't get it. I can't figure it out. I'd rather be dry and inside than fooling with it.

It's making me a tad crazy.

Maybe, Mimi, when she comes, or John Anderson can help me. But who knows?

It's rained all day and all day I've struggled with what I don't know.

So be it. Move on.

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