Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Two trees

So, we have, as we've hd for quite a few years now, two Christmas Trees. Usually we have a spruce and a white pine (I love long needle trees) but when Bern went to get them (she always picks them out) the white pines were pitiful so she got a spruce and a balsam fir. The spruce is too sticky and we'll never get one again.

Plus, she forgot somehow to have the holes bored in them--we have tree stands that need a whole bored--and we spent hours with a drill to get them in a shape to go in the stands.

One of the trees is the 'bird tree' because we have lots and lots of bird ornaments. But it's also the tree for things with wings so lots of angels too. The other tree has everything else.

When you've had 45 Christmas's together, you have more ornaments that one tree can hold, which is why we started having two trees.

The bird tree (or winged tree--several butterflies as well as angels) has multicolored lights. Like my parents' tree did. The other tree has only white lights--like most people today like.

They are both beautiful and if you stand in the doorway between our large dining room and our small living room (since we don't live there much--more in the extended kitchen or the upstairs TV room) you can see them both at the same time.

Pretty cool. But it's hard to think of a New England Christmas when, 10 days before, it was 60 degrees.

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