Saturday, December 26, 2015

One good thing

One good thing about this computer I have so many complaints about--I somehow told it to use my photos for screen savers until it goes completely to sleep.

The first one is always of Mimi in Sidney, Australia, gesturing with you to the bridge and opera house from a field across the water. Then they are random. I must say, I probably stopped taking pictures 8 or 9 years ago--so the ones I can sit mesmerized and watch are from back then.

The twins as babies.

Our dog, Sadie, with Josh and Cathy's dog, Sumi--both dogs RIP.

Baby Bela in the back yard.

Shots of Block Island...Bern and Sadie and me and the water and the land.

Pictures of plants.

Mimi, Josh, Cathy and Bern (a little before Tim was a staple....)



Sometimes the fact that my computer turns off much sooner than it should is mitigated by 10 minutes or so of watching pictures of the past.

That's one good thing. Memories....

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