Wednesday, January 6, 2021

A Day Like No Other

 You could have probably predicted it--but probably didn't.

The President (14 days and counting) held a rally near the Washington Monument with thousands of supporters, continuing his lies about a 'rigged' election and inviting them to go with him (he didn't go, by the way) down to the Capitol and have their voices heard.

They didn't have their voices heard, instead they mob-rushed the Capitol and took it over. Senators and member of the House and the Vice-President had to be guarded from the riot. One rioter lost her life. It took hours to restore order. As I write this (9:15 p.m.) the Congress is back in session doing their ceremonial duty to confirm Joe Biden as President.

Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle, called on the President to tell the rioters to go home. He did so, late and half-heartedly. 

But they are back in session.

Many questions remain.

*Has the President, as one WH official told reporters, 'lost his mind'?

*Should he be removed from office by the 25th Amendment?

*Should he be arrested for inciting a riot?

*Who were those thugs and goons who took over the capitol and how will they be made to pay for their insurrection?

*What would the police had done if people of color took over the capitol?

And more than that.

I've never lived through such a day and hope I never do again.

Republicans, withdraw your objections to the Electoral College and let us move on.

And deal with your leader.

Vice-President Pence, defying the President's plea to do something unconstitutional, and bravely calling out the rioters for what they did, has gained some respect from me.

May this day live in infamy for decades to come.

(all opinions here are mine and mine alone)



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