Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Tickle box

Lordy, Lordy, my parents (God love their souls) taught me that my penis was my "tickle box". Where they got that, I'll never know.

I just remembered this tonight and I was reflecting on the most humiliated I've ever been. (You might try that--it turns up interesting stuff.)

I went on line to find nick-names for the penis. One site had 150.

None of them were 'tickle box'.

I was in 7th grade, out on the playground when someone cupped his genitals in his hand and let off a string of names for it.

Someone said, "Jimmy, what do you call your d*ck?"

I looked down and asked, "my tickle box?" 

I was the brunt of abuse for weeks after that. Boys called me 'tickle box boy' and girls, who had heard the news, laughed into their hands when I came by.

I'll try to look back and see what I told my children that came back to humiliate them.

I can't think of anything off the bat, but I'm sure there were some things.

Parents and children--it's just like that.

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