Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Mejol didn't know

So, I still don't know how my parents met and I have no uncles or aunts to ask--all dead.

But we did talk about our grandmother, Lina Manona Jones, and her gun.

She ran a boarding house for a few years and had residents that couldn't be trusted. She carried a pistol in the pocket of her apron, and everyone knew it.

Once, when my Aunt Georgie couldn't get Grandma to come to the door of her trailer, she called my Dad to come and go in and see if Grandma was dead.

He knocked and knocked and opened the door with Aunt Georgie's key and called for Grandma all the way down the length of the trailer.

When he opened her bedroom door, she was sitting up with her gun aimed toward him.

No one died.

I mentioned in another post that my father had a pistol  under the counter of his bar and quit bar-tending when he had to point it at a drunk friend.

Mejol and I decided we were from 'pistol packin' people".

Not bad, though Mejol and I would never own a gun.

Not bad.

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