Saturday, January 2, 2021

Another thing I found

Cleaning out my office has turned up a lot of gems.

One was an article from the Waterbury Republic about how I was going to be roasted after 20 years of being Rector of St. John's.

The headline was The Earthy Way to Heaven, which I enjoyed greatly.

I'd love to print the whole thing, but I won't.

Just a quote from J. A. who was a member of the Vestry.

He said:"Jim is a leftover from the 60's. If he was further left, he'd be coming out the right side. He's a hippie. He's a left-over hippie." Anthony thought for a moment. "He cleans up nicely though."

There's a long quote from me at the end. I stand by it today.

"I struggle with the idea of a clairvoyant Jesus who knows it all. I like the idea of a Jesus who's making it up as he goes along. The God I know and who knows me really doesn't think I have to have a paint-by-numbers kind of faith. The Church so often gets in the way of God. My purpose in life is not to let St. John's get in the way of God. If people want a little piece of God, who am I to say 'no'. It's my job to say, 'Here's God!'"

I stand by that today.

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