Wednesday, January 27, 2021

I talk to Ollie

Ollie is what I call our plastic, life-sized owl on our deck. He's supposed to keep squirrels away, but doesn't. I've even seen squirrels sitting next to him on the banister! 

I don't know why I talk to him, but I do.

Maybe because I talk to so few people during the Covid pandemic.

He doesn't talk back--thank the Lord! That would mean I was really going bonkers....

Today he had snow on his head in the shape of a yamaka. I hadn't know he was Jewish.

He has a brother on a poll down in the back of our yard. I haven't named that one.

That one doesn't keep anything away either.

I don't know if that one is Jewish too.

But Ollie listens quietly when I talk to him, taking it all in but not responding.

What will I start talking to next? 

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