Friday, January 8, 2021

I've really tried to think of other things

 But, of course, I haven't been able to.

I was born in a tiny town (500) in the southern most county of West Virginia to a Republican father and a Democrat mother.

I grew up feeling safe because I lived in the greatest nation in the world (my parents both believed that). Never mind that I didn't go to school with a black kid until my senior year of high school (though the county was nearly 50/50 white/black). Never mind that the poverty in that county was rampant. Never mind that the only Greek person in my town was called Joe "Greek" because no one could be bothered to pronounce Genandopilus. Never mind that the only Jewish person in the town owned the biggest store which many wouldn't visit because he was Jewish.

Looking back, there were many things wrong about life in Anawalt. And, in spite of all that, and in spite of the many inequities today, until Wednesday I still felt I lived in the greatest country in the world.

But after a President incited a mob to invade the Capitol building while Congress was approving the electoral votes of his successor, I didn't feel that way any more.

Now, I think we have to rebuild this country--hopefully from the bottom up to root out some of the glaring problems of racism, poverty and fear of 'the other'.

I hope we can start that on January 20 with Biden/Harris in charge and a Democratic house and Senate--by bare margins.

But I can't think about how my opinions of this country have been so damaged this week.

Maybe we all needed to have those opinions shaken to the core so we can see clearly to begin to rebuild "the land of the free and the home of the brave".

I pray so.

We shall see.

(all opinions here are mine and mine alone)


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