Thursday, January 28, 2021

I just noticed

"Noticed" is an interesting word.

It comes from Middle English and Middle French and ultimately from the Latin notita--which means "a knowing" or "a being known".

So to 'notice' to give 'knowing' to what was not yet 'known'.

Pretty neat.

Well, what I just noticed is that this week none of my posts have had anything 'political' in them--except one that mentions Q-anon needing to realize what is 'true' and 'real'.

We're only 8 days since Biden became our 46th President and for much of that time, I haven't been immersed in politics as I've been in the past 4 years.

"Normalcy" has its virtues.

It feels so 'normal' today.

I've missed 'normal' so much.

I look forward to more and more and more of 'normal'.

It will feel so...well, 'normal'. 

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