Thursday, March 18, 2021

A good way to end something

 I just finished a J. P. Beaumont novel by J. A. Jance called Justice Denied.

Last night Bern and I watched the last episode of "Shitt$ Creek" on netflix.

Why do I mention these two together?

They both end with a wedding.

In the Beaumont novel, "Beau" marries his detective partner and long time life partner, Mel, after 370 pages of somehow unraveling a long list of killings that at the beginning had nothing to do with each other.

On "Shitt$ Creek" the son of the Rose family marries the love of his life after 4 seasons. The Rose family lost their fortune and moved to Shitt$ Creek--with the family owned because of a birthday gift when they were rich. The series tells us how each of the 4 members of the family came back from bankruptcy and made their way in the world again.

And both end with a wedding.

No better way to end a drama or a comedy.

A wedding is a good way to end anything....

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