Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Heart breaking

 I was in the grocery store yesterday when I saw an elderly woman coming out of an aisle. She practically had her head on the handle of the basket. I thought she was just watching to make sure no one else was coming.

But no. Her back was bent so her head was near her right shoulder. I should remember the name for such things, but I don't.

She was painful to watch. My back even started aching for her. So I tried to avoid her.

But sure enough, she ended up behind me in the checkout line.

But by then there was a man--her son?--with her.

He was so kind to her, asking if she needed to sit down and taking her groceries--quite a few of them--out of the cart for her.

I was upset with myself for trying not to see her after the first glance.

But it was so heart breaking.

I don't often pray about specific things--I usually meditate as my prayer--but on my way home I prayed for her, for her being bent, for whatever pain she must feel. And I gave a prayer of thanks for the kind man with her.

Praying helped me feel a bit better about myself as well.

Pray always for those less fortunate than you. And give thanks for those who seek to help them.


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