Friday, March 5, 2021

My day

I got up at 7:15, much earlier than usual, because Bern and I had to go to Yale Medical School's West Campus for our first vaccine shots.

West Campus is in West Haven and it is huge! We drove for over 5 minutes until we got to the building we needed to find.

The building is huge as well, and terribly well organized and staffed.

Bern's shot was at 9 and mine at 9:30, but I could have gone in with her, I think. They were giving over a thousand shots today but it was so orderly and well-done they could have done more. I had no wait at all, but lots of walking down hallways. I went in at 9:15 and was out by 9:30 since you have to sit for 15 minutes after the vaccine.

Then, at 1:30, I had two shots at Waterbury Hospital--pretty smooth there as well.

Somewhere in there I bought wine, since I was out....

Then at 3 I had a zoom call about a workshop I'm helping in leading virtually for half-hour or so. All the participants are in Ireland and the co-leader is in California.

Just before that, I fed Brigit her dinner--spiced up with cod loin left from last night. She is a fish dog!

Played Hearts on line for a while and now I'm writing this.

It's on 5:41 p.m. and dinner is over an hour away, but I feel like I've been up for two days....

Ah, well, another busy Covid day.


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