Tuesday, March 23, 2021

So much to do....

After Atlanta and Boulder, there is so much to do--about guns and racial hatred.

Biden called today to pass more restrictive gun laws--good luck with that.

And something serious must be done about hatred of people of color: Blacks, Hispanics and Asians. Those three groups much be considered part of the same group and something serious must be done.

(When I was serving at the Three Churches I served for seven years, I had a conversation with a man I knew to be a hunter--hunting doesn't bother me--at coffee hour.

"Would you take my guns?" he asked.

"Do you have more guns than your hunting guns?' I replied.

"Yes," he said.

"Those I would take from you if I could," I told him.

A few weeks later I noticed they weren't in church--the hunter and his family. The wife told me it was because their kids had Sunday activities. I knew the real reason and I mourned.)

Why can't we have civilized conversations about guns between gun advocates and those who oppose all guns but hunting guns?

And why can't we have conversations about race and racism in productive ways?

And there's so much more to do: vaccinate our nation, even those who don't trust the vaccine (conversation needed there).

Provide affordable health care for all Americans--the pandemic has taught us of the need...and some discrepancies among the races there too.

Provide a living wage for all Americans.

Welcome immigrants as most of our families were welcomed to this country.

In the past Administration, I used to wake up afraid to hear what the President was up to.

Now I wake up hopeful about what Biden and Harris are trying to do--though there is so much to do.

I welcome 'hope' and I welcome 'spring'--I believe we are on the way to a newness of life.



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