Sunday, March 21, 2021

my friend Ann sent this...

 Ann and I just finished a zoom, three session course on Forgiveness with 14 people in Ireland. It was amazing.

Someone mentioned that engaging with forgiveness made them see themselves in different ways.

That's why Ann sent this.

For the first time in my life perhaps (though I am supposed to meditate every day!), I took the lamps and, leaving the zone of everyday occupations and relationships where everything seems clear, I went down into my inmost self, to the deep abyss whence I feel dimly that my power of action emanates.  But as I moved further and further away from the conventional certainties by which social life is superficially illuminated, I became aware that I was losing contact with myself.  At each step of the descent a new person was disclosed within me of whose name I was no longer sure, and who no longer obeyed me.  And when I had to stop my exploration because the path faded from beneath my steps, I found a bottomless abyss at my feet, and out of it came -- arising I know not from where -- the current which I dare to call my life.


Teilhard de Chardin

The Divine Milieu


Well worth pondering again and again.


Be well and stay well. 

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