Monday, March 22, 2021


 Pardon my language.

I'll try not to write that word here since we all know it's not Fish.

There's been so much reporting and studies on how the pandemic has affected the mental health of people.

I thought I had survived that particular problem until today.

Today I realize I say the 'not Fish' more than I usually do.

I say it from time to time but I realize my use of it has increased significantly since the pandemic began.

I haven't been depressed or any of the worse symptoms that have been recorded, but I do get annoyed and say that word a lot more than I used to.

I think I am luckier than many folks in this dark wilderness time of Covid-19. However, if the 'not fish' word offends you, it's good we can't be together.

I get my second vaccine on Friday. Let's see if my f-word use falls off after that.

Be safe and stay face. Wear a mask. Keep distant. Wash your hands.

To finish off this virus, we need to keep doing those things.

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