Tuesday, March 9, 2021

An odd beginning

Today was my first visit to do a service at Trinity, Milton.

(They record the service and video it on Tuesday or Wednesday to show on line on Sunday.)

I was up earlier than I like--7:30--so I was already feeling sluggish. Nothing like what was to come!

I got lost and had to call the church and have someone come meet me to lead me there, so I was over 40 minutes late!

Then, when I was getting my vestments out of the car, I couldn't find the Prayer Book with my sermon note--less than a page, but so I didn't leave anything out.

I have an older Prayer Book, so I had to use that.

But the 6 folks there couldn't have been nicer. They kept telling me not to worry about getting lost--"folks get lost out here all the time...."

It was the first time since pandemic that they received communion--wafers in a box so I hadn't touched them and wine in little plastic glasses.

The church is lovely and the music is wondrous.

It started out like a disaster but ended up a really good day.

(Only thing was: it felt like Sunday all day to me....)


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