Tuesday, March 30, 2021

April cometh

 Tomorrow is the last day of March.

April cometh.

April is full of things--Bern's birthday is the 2nd and mine is the 17th.

And Easter. I'll be celebrating and preaching at Trinity, Milton at an 'in person' service in-doors.

Coffee hour will be under a tent outside the church.

We will have Mimi, Tim and Eleanor along with Jack, Sherry and Robby and John for Easter dinner. All but two of us will be fully vaccinated or had the first shot. We may eat outside if the weather permits.

And Spring is edging in, too slowly for me, but edging in none the less.

Not 'normal' by any means, but edging slowly toward 'normal'.

Even if you've got the vaccine, wear a mask, social distance, wash and wash your hands.

Happy April!

Glorious Easter!!!

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