Saturday, March 13, 2021


Bern wore a shirt today that said: "All who wander are not lost".

I really like that.

I remembered Dion's song "The Wanderer".

In there somewhere it say, "I roam around, around, around, around...."

Wandering and roaming are good things.

"Wandering" and "wondering" are not that far apart in spelling or meaning.

"Letting your mind wander" can turn up all kinds of things you couldn't have found through logic or directness.

I sometimes just drive around Cheshire, wandering, finding streets and places I've never seen before.

I heard a long piece of NPR today about how valuable 'day dreaming' can be for adults. Kids do it all the time, but adults, when they have spare time, are usually looking at their phones or a screen.

Day dreaming, roaming and wandering can open up areas of our lives and the world that aren't accessible any other way.

So 'wander', my friends. 'Day dream' and 'roam around, around, around, around....

Trust me, you won't be 'lost', but you will be deeply 'enriched'.

Wander and wonder on, beloved....



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