Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Where I've lived

 The first 18 years of my life, I lived in an apartment over a grocery store in Anawalt, West Virginia. We had a coal stove in the living room and electric heaters in the bed rooms. Our bathroom was not connected to the living space, so it was unusable for baths in the winter, so we bathed in the living room in a large steel tub. The grocery closed in my late teens, so winters were really cold.

The next four years I lived in Morgantown, WV, in a dorm the first year, an apartment at 69 Ridgewood Ave. the second year, as a Junior I was a hall monitor in another, off campus dorm, and my Senior year I lived in an apartment at 89 Ridgewood Ave.

The next year I lived in a dorm at Harvard Divinity School and the year after that, having married my high school sweetheart, Bern, in an apartment in Somerville.

The next five years we lived in Charleston, WV in a house on Hazelwood Avenue.

For seven years after that we lived in the Rectory of St. Paul's, New Haven for five years and then, separated for a while, in different apartments in New Haven and then, together again, in a house in New Haven.

Since then, we've lived on Cornwall Ave. in Cheshire. Almost 30 years now.

So, I've lived in six different (very) towns and 12 different dwellings.

But here on Cheshire for much the longest--this is 'home'.

Interesting to look back and notice that.

You might want to do that too.

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