Saturday, March 20, 2021

Staying out of the way

 Bern is in one of her "move things around/throw things out" phases.

They come every year or so, usually in the spring.

She puts things out on the sidewalk near Cornwall Avenue and they tend to disappear.

Today she took a load of stuff to Good Will.

She also cleaned out her closet and drawers and took two large trashbags of clothes to the bin for recycling clothes.

I just try to stay calm and out of the way. I'm a guy that would leave everything where it is for always.

Our dog, Brigit, is also freaked and slinks around trying to understand what's going on.

If Bern comes into my little office (8 ft. by 12 feet or so) and starts moving things around, I stand up to that.

It's warmer today so soon she be out rearranging the yard and leaving Brigit and me in peace!

Come on warm weather!

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