Monday, March 8, 2021

Oh,Glorious Day

 Last week--Wednesday, I think--I was getting ready for bed, taking off too many layers and socks and knee bands, and did something I never do: put my glasses on the bed while I took off the third of three shirts.

Of course, I sat on my glasses and broke them clean in two at the place that goes over your nose--the bridge, I think it's called.

Next day I go to My Eye Doc to get new frames.

Not only didn't they have them, my frames had been discontinued!

The woman helping me used Super Glue and heated plastic to give them a repair that would last a few days. She promised to call other Eye Doc locations and try to locate my frames.

(Did you know that out of the hundred of frames they had, my lens wouldn't fit any of them--that doesn't make sense unless you're making money selling frames!)

So today I went back to order new glasses.

Then their was a problem since my prescription is several years old. I go every year but my eyes haven't changed enough to merit 'new' lenses. A good thing, Right?

No, they were going to make me have my eyes examined and then wait two weeks for my new glasses to come.

I was so broken-hearted that I thought I would cry.

"I just need to see," I said, too loudly, knowing the repair wouldn't last 2 weeks.

So the woman went in back to a huge container of 'discontinued glasses' and lo and behold found a pair of my frames!

I could have kissed her!

I'm wearing them now and loving it! 

I can see!!!

What a glorious day, no matter what else occurs....

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