Wednesday, March 31, 2021

I haven't said much

I haven't written much about national events since you know who (who will not be named here) left the Oval Office.

Biden/Harris have been like Spring coming after four years of Winter of lies and denials of lying. 

But the trial of former police officer Chauvin has changed that.

I would not have been allowed on the jury since I sincerely believe he is guilty.

The trial so far has pointed that out. Eye-witnesses breaking down in tears on the stand, video never seen before, astonishing evidence of Chauvin being unconcerned about what he did.

This trial will be a turning point--in one way or another--in our nation's history--either we will hold the police accountable or we won't.

The defense lawyer's claim about George Floyd passing a fake $20 bill is stupid. I tried to pay for wine one day and the clerk told me the $20 bill I gave her was false. She took it, but didn't call the police and I used my credit card to pay.

Who knows where that bill came from--not me and maybe not George Floyd.

Seriously, this trial will determine how 'race' in this country matters right now.


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