Wednesday, March 17, 2021


 There are so many people claiming to not wanting the Covid-19 vaccine.

One out of four members of the House of Representatives have not taken in--and it's been available to them since it was approved.

40% of Republican men say they won't take it.

Reasons vary from thinking there is something in the vaccine to alter your DNA to not trusting the government to saying it was developed too fast.

Republicans--it was developed so fast because the former President--you're guy--shut down science to get it developed. Many projects were abandoned to work on the vaccine! In the end, that was good for all of us who want to be safe.

Taking the vaccine isn't 'for you', it is FOR ALL OF US.

Those who say masks and social distancing and the vaccine are taking away you're rights, let me give the Governor of Texas' misquote of Patrick Henry.

The Governor said, when announcing the re-opening of his state in spite of the CDC and WHO's warnings:

"Give me liberty AND give me death."

An very telling misquote....

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